|| Kasauli International Public School, Sanwara is a Fully Residential and Co-Educational School Affiliated to CBSE Code No. 43127, Under Affiliation No. 630140, has been established by Director of Higher Education, Himachal Pradesh and Approved Vide Notification No - EDN-H 21)A(1) p.s-11/2010-SLN-NOC on November 2010.



Kasauli International Public School has organised different on-line competitions along with the online classes. Due to the on-going Covid -19 pandemic, all the students were under lockdown for past two months. To help them utilise their leisure time in the most efficient manner various co-curricular activities such as Solo Dance Competition,Yoga Competition,Household Chores Competition,Drawing & Painting Competition,Solo-Singing Competition &Karate Competition were being organised. The vision behind these competitions is to make students not only mentally and physically fit but also to make them learn life skills. Students from different schools of different states showed enthusiastic participation in these competitions. Even international participation has been received by the school. The motive of school was to make pupils stress free and busy in this crucial state of lockdown.

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The future depends on what we do in the present, surviving this Gandhian principle in Covid-19 era, an on lineSolo Dance Competition was organised by Kasauli International Public School,Sanwara to keep students occupied and entertained during the nationwide lockdown. From latest Punjabi hits to Bollywood numbers to rock and pop.Students with their expressions, steps and gestures, gave a tough time to judges. Everyone admired the efforts of the students.

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The lockdown was a stressful period for everyone, especially for children. The idea was to not only reduce panic but also develop a strong sense of community involvement.Yoga has known to be beneficial since ages to keep the mind calm. So, Kasauli International Public School, Sanwara had organised an on line Yoga Competition in which students from all over the country had participated enthusiastically. The competition was divided into three categories i.e Junior, Middle and Senior. It was a huge success as school got large no. of videos from different parts of country.

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The lockdown has defined the parent-child relationship in new ways.Involving children in household chores gives them opportunity to become active participant in the house. To make students busy and active during lockdown KIPS has organised an on line Household Chores Competition in which huge number of students participated.The competition was divided into three categories i.e Junior, Middle and Senior.Kids begin to see themselves as important contributors to the family. Parents saw kids who were never interested in household work were making an equal contribution to the chores around the house. The idea not only taught children household chores, but it also helped them be a good citizen.

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Kasauli International Public School,Sanwara has organised an on-line Drawing & Painting Competition for all the budding artists. The theme of the competition was ‘Fight Against Corona Virus’, ‘United Against Corona Virus’ and ‘Corona Virus Awareness’. The competition was divided into three categories i.e Junior, Middle and Senior. Students participated from different parts of country by sending their beautiful drawings.It was highly appreciated by all.

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As all the academic institutions and everything is shut down all of a sudden,Kasauli International Public School has organised an on-line Solo Singing Competition for the students. School has invited students from all over the country to participate in this competition and to show their singing skill. A large number of students participated in this competition not only from the country but also from the abroad. It was divided into three categories i.e Junior, Middle and Senior. This competition was helpful in keeping the students engaged in productive activity during their stay inside their houses.

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The Covid-19 pandemic has brought all out door sports activities to a standstill but Kasauli International Public School, Sanwara found ways of keeping their students engaged through on-line competitions and Karate Competition was one of them. The motive was to keep students fit and healthy physically and also improve their mental state at the time of this pandemic. Students from different parts of country and abroad participated in it. It was a huge success.It was divided into three categories i.e Junior, Middle and Senior.

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