|| Kasauli International Public School, Sanwara is a Fully Residential and Co-Educational School Affiliated to CBSE Code No. 43127, Under Affiliation No. 630140, has been established by Director of Higher Education, Himachal Pradesh and Approved Vide Notification No - EDN-H 21)A(1) p.s-11/2010-SLN-NOC on November 2010.

Suggestions for Parents

1.Parents must bring their ward to the hostel one day prior to the re-opening day, after 9 a.m. and before 5 p.m. after terminal holidays, festival holidays and outing.
2.No student shall be permitted to the school on the day of re-opening and also during the class hours. Permission should be sought in advance in case of any late reporting.
3.Parents should stitch the Hostel Number label in all the clothes of the ward.

4.Parents desirous to nominate local guardians, should submit to the school office an authorization letter nominating the local guardian (Not more than two members) with their specimen signature and photo affixed on the letter.
5.Parents willing to meet or take their ward home on Special Occasions should get the written permission from the Principal in advance. Permission will not be granted over telephone.
6.Parents / Guardian are permitted to visit their ward on all second Saturdays. If any examination or school function or Inter House Activity falls around second Saturday, the children will not be permitted to go home.
7.As the students take at least a month’s time to get accustomed to the hostel situation/environment, no parent / guardian is permitted to visit the child on the second Saturday of the first month (i.e. admission month).
8.Persons authorized by parents (in writing) only will be allowed to meet or take the students during holidays. Students are not allowed to go home alone without the parent’s written permission. No phone message will be accepted in this regard.
9.Parent / Guardian are permitted to visit only their ward and not his / her friends. Only limited visitors are allowed. Similarly, they are not permitted to visit their ward during the school hours.
10.In case of emergency permission should be sought from the Principal to meet the student during the school hours.
11.The student can be allowed to make phone call to parents on Birthday Day after 2:00pm. The administrative office people shall see that the duration of a phone call does not exceed more than three minutes. Mobile phones will not be allowed in the school. If found in possession it will be dealt seriously even this may lead to expulsion.
12.Parents who have e-mail facility either at home or office are requested to inform their e-mail address, so that it may be easy for us to contact. E-mail facility is also available in the school office. Parents intending to use the same may please make use of the following E-Mail id: kips_edu@yahoo.in
13.All communication to the school should be made only through the Principal. Parents cannot have direct contact with the teachers / wardens except through the Principal. They are also requested not to visit the teachers / wardens in their residence and not to contact them over telephone.
14.Parents are earnestly requested to meet all the teachers / wardens during the Parents – Teachers’ contact session on every second Saturday afternoon between 2.30 pm and 4.30 pm. Parents will not be permitted to meet their ward on any other day and time.
15.The progress of the ward is based on the overall performance of the students and not on the studies alone.
16.A cumulative record is maintained in the school for each student. Parents are requested to ask for the cumulative record of the ward, from the class teacher and acknowledge the entry.
17.Arrangements will be made to book the Air and Railway tickets for the students during vacation,on written request of parents, along with the fare paid, well in advance. The school will make arrangements to drop and receive the students from the Airport and Railway Station on request from parents. Date and Timings should be clearly mentioned. A nominal amount will be charged as conveyance from each student depending upon the distance and group.
18.Please ensure and abide by the discipline and decorum of the school. Especially during out- pass day, every parent is earnestly requested to meet their ward’s teachers and do access overall performance of their ward. It is very much discouraging to note that parents are only keen on taking the ward out and have no interest towards the academic performance. Parents’ attention is very much wanted in this context. During the parent – teachers’ session make it a point and adjust your busy schedule at least to be available for a day.
19.No permission can be given through phone because there is no guarantee that the caller is the ward’s parent. If in case you want any permission, it should be intimated early and the same should be recommended in advance. Extending holidays along with out-pass days cannot be allowed. And if you fail to report on the said day; heavy fine amount will be collected along with the explanation letter.
20.Sending vehicle to pick-up the wards should be avoided and we will not let any student go on his own because of the security reasons. If the situation demands, advance permission can be in person. Time is precious and one should not waste others time.
21.During out pass days, parents are coming very late at night or before 2:00 pm. and trouble the administration, for the favour by making violation in rule. Such parents are advised to abide by the rules and cooperate with school authorities.
22.Various items such as stationery & daily needs article required for a boarder is available in our school store. The administration gives articles to students according to requirement raised by them.
23.Parents are requested to be quite prompt in submission of school fee installments and dues and not to create botheration to administration for sending reminders and all.